logo Baltic Olympiad in Informatics
April 23-27, 2003, Tartu, Estonia

Opening Day

The Opening Ceremony

Mr. Margus Haidak delivers greetings from the Ministry of Education

Opening ceremony in the main building of Tartu University

Prof. Jüri Kiho speaks about the meaning of the word Informatics

For some, the speech seems puzzling...

The Chair urges contestants to have fun

A look at the VIP lounge

The Mixed Coir of the Miina Härma Gymnasium performing for the participants

Mrs. Kadri Leppoja conducting the choir

Participants and their guides

A look from above

The Practice Round

Getting to know the competition equipment...

Guru showing The Way --- thou shalt log in first

The practice round is in full heat

Organizers keep an eye on the contestants

The Head of Testing takes a closer look

Hmm... how does one solve it?

The GCC does not grok Polish